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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Cool New Products Announced at the SHOT Show 2015

Many new products were announced at the annual SHOT convention this year, and these are the ones I'm the most excited for.

 The Kershaw Emerson line is a great balance of Emerson design and Kershaw practicality. The CQC-4KXL is the CQC-4K with almost 2 inches in overall length added, making it the largest of the Kershaw Emerson line. Like most of the line, it has a beefy stainless steel frame lock along with an Emerson opener for immediate and reliable deployment.

 Kershaw rethinks the extremely popular Shuffle with the new Shuffle 2. It's bigger, beefier and scarier than the previous model (which is still for sale in many new colors). I really like the spanto style point, which gives it the piercing prowess of a flat ground blade while the hollow ground belly is designed for great slicing power. Like its predecessor, the butt end of the knife features a bottle opener and wedge that can be used to pry things like paint cans or possibly some screwdriver tasks.
The CRKT Journeyer really captured my interest. When I work in NYC I worry that the tools I need to do my job will be confiscated by police as "dangerous weapons." The goal of the Journeyer was to  make a knife legal almost anywhere while still being an extremely functional knife. It is a non locking folder, but clip the attached torx wrench into a slot near the pivot to secure the blade for heavy work.

 The Kershaw K-Tool is a one piece multitool shaped like their logo's K, it features a bottle opener, pry bar, and screwdriver treated with their very attractive blackwashed finish.

I haven't found a SOG multitool I liked for a long time, but I think that's over. The SOG Switchplier opens like a side-opening auto knife and contains just the tools people generally need the most with its blade, file, drivers, openers and an awl.

 The Kershaw Siege Hawk breaks Kershaw into the tactical tomahawk scene. This hawk is a single piece of stainless steel with a sharp pointed spike and a pry bar on the end of the handle. This might be my next tomahawk, a nice full tang axe is very confidence inspiring when doing hard work, and the trademark K-textured handles are secure and stylish.

I think SHOT was great this year, I'll have more to say about some other interesting tools soon.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Talking about the Kershaw Emerson CQC-3K

I really love this knife, I pre-ordered it as soon as I could and waited 6 months for it. I had always wished I could have Emerson's tacti-cool aesthetics on a smaller, inexpensive, EDC-oriented knife. The Kershaw Emerson CQC-3K gives you exactly that. With its thumb disk, wave opener, non-torx hardware, G10 handle and aggressive looking tanto point it has a lot of the things people love about Ernest Emerson's US made knives but at Kershaw's import prices. Yes, it's made in China, but if anybody in the knife industry knows how to take a great design and make it well and inexpensively in China, it's definitely Kershaw.

Things I like about this knife:

1. The wave opener is fun and functional. I prefer it over assisted openers, it's easily the fastest way to open a folding knife and you don't have to rely on a spring like with AO or auto knives.

2. Reliable, beefy frame lock. A nice chunk of black oxide coated 410 stainless steel makes up half of the handle and locks the blade up very strongly with a loud 'click'. The US made Emerson models with frame locks are rare and expensive, so I was really happy when I learned that 6 of the 8 Kershaw Emerson models featured frame locks.

3. Compact and comfortable in the hand. I have somewhat small hands, and this is the perfect size for me. There's jimping everywhere it needs it and nowhere it doesn't. If you have larger hands you might want to consider the bigger knives in the series like the CQC-7K.

4. Easy maintenance. Non-torx screws mean I can adjust the pivot (or take the whole thing apart if I wanted to) using the standard screwdriver bits on my keyring. If you've ever been out anywhere and needed a torx bit you didn't have, it really sucks. Problem solved.

I'm very happy with my CQC-3K. I carry it almost every day and usually end up using it for something or other, it's a very capable knife.

Monday, December 22, 2014

I'm Bringing This Blog Back

I haven't posted here in quite some time, I would like to fix that.

I've been looking at some really derpy knives on bad knife sites. My blog is aimed at people just getting into knives and those who want to, everybody in this scene had to start there. Before I knew any better I bought stuff like this,and if I can help somebody realize that there are so many better options I'm going to try. Here's my take on a few knives you shouldn't buy.

Tiger USA M.T.F.


"Join the military take force and prepare for war with the newest addition to the Tiger-USA family. "

I've got to admit, it's ballsy to mark "First Production Run" on your (probably illegal) third rate copy of what might be the most recognizable product of Boker Plus' line. Anybody who prepares for war with this is making a dire mistake.

"The 1045 surgical steel blade ejects like lightning and when folded the handle is the perfect size for concealing."

1045 surgical steel sounds like a good thing if you don't know anything about steel. Good for machine parts, horrible for sharp things.

"Attach it to your person with the free belt clip and you're ready for battle."

It's free! You can attach it to your person without any additional fees!

"Get enlisted with this Military Task Force series and annihilate the competition."

What's with all this "join the military take force," "get enlisted" stuff? Are army recruiters writing these descriptions?

"This ultra-sleek and super compact piece of might is only available at Panther while supplies last. Get yours now and prepare for war."

I don't know what Panther is, it's not the name of the company or the site or anything. Maybe it's a copy+paste from another place. Also, you already said prepare for war.

Butterfly Style Folding Knife


"New Style in the Knife Market. Made By Tiger USA. 4" Handle and 3" Blade"

At least this description is short and sweet. Before I had any taste in knives I bought a variant of this knife at a comic convention. I left it on a train I think. Mine had a different blade shape, I'm trying to figure out what this one's blade is for. Maybe it's so you can stab somebody and never get your knife back? Maybe some things are better left a mystery.

45 Cal Trigger Assisted Knife


"Undead survival has never been so easy."

Never been so easy? It's never been a thing.

"This knife features some of the best specs of any spring assisted
knife out there."

I don't want to live in the universe where this is true.

"Let alone one specifically geared for Undead annihilation."


"The spring assisted blade ejects with ease and has a razor sharp blade edge making it
especially easy to slice up Undead flesh in a foggy graveyard."

What the hell are you talking about. Who are you.

"The Z-Slayer series never disappoints and this knife is no exception."

This is a toy you buy at a gun show for your disappointment of a nephew.

"Get your hands on this knife and never be without Undead protection."

I can't play this game anymore. I'll post more soon.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Bugging In

A friend from my old job has a pretty great Youtube channel, "Bugging In." He demos all sorts of cool new gear and tools. Check it out and subscribe if you like it!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Talking About the Gerber Shard

The Shard is a nice little one piece multi-tool, or OPMT,  that I've been enjoying a lot recently. It's a true minimalist's tool, a single piece of titanium nitride coated steel with some handy functionalities built in. The Shard features a pry bar, the end of which serves as both small and medium flathead drivers and a groove that can strip wires. Underneath is an effective bottle opener that according to some can also open oxygen bottles like those used by EMTs in an emergency. On the opposite end of the tool is a phillips driver.

There is a very large lanyard hole that makes it very easy to carry on a keychain. I added a gate clip to make it easier to separate from my keys. Right now the Shard is a little over $6.00 on Amazon with free shipping. At that price most people could afford to pick one up in their next order, it's a solid OPMT at a fantastic price. If you're looking to add one to your EDC or just have an interesting bottle opener to keep around, the Shard is a winner.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pete TAK Paracord

I just opened my paracord store on Etsy! Check it out when you get a chance.

8/27/13 EDC Pocket Dump

Maxpedition Urban Wallet
Ka-Bar TDI Last Ditch Knife (main blade)
Bic Lighter with cord wrap and pull tab
5.11 PLx penlight
KZ Stinger tactical pen
Volt E-Cig
On Keyring: True Utility Utili-key, Kingston SD reader,
Countycomm pocket light, small coil of paracord,
Gerber Shard tool, Gerber Dime multi-tool, and
Victorinox SD SAK.